we are a (market)place for the sophisticated cannabis consumer

Elevated experiences for the modern day cannasseur – cannabis. culture. life.

We are a (market)place for the sophisticated cannabis consumer


for those of you that know what you want, command life like pros, and are on your way to achieving your best selves

We all do this in our everyday lives and our relationship with cannabis shouldn’t be any different – let’s define what cannabis culture means together and grow a deep-rooted community of cannabis enthusiasts.


Our mission is to shape and define the cannabis culture


Let’s take back what it means to be a ‘pot smoker’ and bring a new energy to a lifestyle that had to be hidden for far too long.

Our goal is to create a common language and a vocabulary that helps us tell our stories – stories that help us understand, and create, our place in this world. Stories that preserve our shared ritual, that showcases a lifestyle we are all proud to stand behind.


Collaborations and connections make us who we are

More than just a marketplace, coffeeshop brings the hype, the pride, and our shared, rekindled point of view to the world. We are here to connect you with our products, their makers, and the philosophies behind them. We aim to enrich and extend the cannabis conversation and build meaningful relationships with the community.

We collaborate with customers and makers alike to bring diverse people, thinking, and challenges together to spark new discoveries. We collaborate with industry to explore and experiment with new thoughts and shape what it means to be a cannabis consumer today.


NOT A COFFEE SHOP INC. // EST. 2018 // stay dope