we are a (market)place for the sophisticated cannabis consumer

Elevated experiences for the modern day cannasseur – cannabis. culture. life.

Elevated experiences for the modern day cannasseur



Why we exist

No matter how you choose to define yourself - hipster, hippie, eclectic, fashionista, or no category at all - if you are looking to elevate your cannabis lifestyle, or kick-start it in the most stylish way possible, coffeeshop is for you.

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We like nice things

And if you are here, so do you.

You don’t settle for mediocre in your everyday life, so why should your cannabis lifestyle have to take a back seat?

We place high importance on curating products with beautiful design, elevated aesthetics, meticulous craftsmanship, and thoughtful functionality for the modern day cannasseur.


We are for the
quiet dissidents

Those of us who have hidden away our love of cannabis for far too long, no longer. It’s time to proudly share and showcase what we enjoy and makes us happy.

coffeeshop is a trusted place for both the initiated and the curious – we’re here to spark a movement.

We are here to make this culture, this lifestyle open and accessible.

No shame.


NOT A COFFEE SHOP INC. // EST. 2018 // stay dope